Crystalline Low Bowl, Large — Jade | 2nd

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The unique celestially patterns and saturated colors of Crystalline have made it a favorite for pottery enthusiasts and fans of one-of-a-kind design. This low bowl is an ideal centerpiece or accent, best left unfilled to fully behold the results of the labor-intensive glazing process.

  • Dimensions : 3⅜″ x 13½″
  • Capacity : 164 oz
  • Materials : Stoneware
  • Made In : USA

  • For decorative use only
  • Not recommended for food or liquid
  • Hand wash only using a mild detergent

What makes a second?
The heat of the room, the hum of the furnace, the weight of the tools... a glassblowing studio is itself a living, breathing thing, in which even the world’s most masterful craftspeople can expect variations in the work they create.

Unlike mass-produced design, handmade pieces yield divergent outcomes, owing to even the smallest differences in conditions. A change in breath, a flick of the wrist or a shift of foot can and will affect the final product.

Unique beauty lives in imperfection. Each Seconds piece captures a moment of the human hand at work, where unique conditions lead to slight variations and differences, preserved in glass. The quality and functionality aren’t inferior to firsts, but rather, a thoughtful option for those who value character and an organic quality to their household objects.

  • Seconds are priced 25% off the first quality price.
  • All sales are final on second quality glass and pottery.