Our home state of Vermont is a hub for environmentalism – and it’s easy to see why. Our breathtaking mountains, crisp air, and fresh, flowing waters invite people from around the world to experience nature, at its best. The Vermont Evergreen collection is a customer favorite and a signature of our brand, but it’s more than that: it’s a token of our appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us, and a testament to the ways nature inspires everything we do. We’ve structured our business to make the most of our natural resources, while minimizing our impact on the environment. Here are a few things we’re doing to leave this place as beautiful as we found it.


Our Quechee, VT flagship, restaurant and glassblowing studio is housed in a former woolen mill that’s turbine-powered by the rushing Ottauquechee River.


Our corporate offices, outlet store and pottery production facility in Windsor, VT is powered by a solar field. This alternative energy source will offset nearly 40% of the power needed to run our workshops and home office buildings.


We’ve updated our shopping bags and gift boxes to feature recycled content and to be fully recyclable themselves, so you can feel good about giving.


Our restaurant sources from local and regional farms whenever possible for the best possible flavor – and to reduce our carbon footprint. We compost food scraps to add nutrients back to the soil.


Our offices and retail locations feature easily accessible recycling bins to lessen our load on landfills.


We reuse materials whenever possible. From recycling glass back into our furnaces whenever possible at our glassblowing facilities to reclaiming clay scraps for reuse in the pottery studio – we select the best, most sustainable materials – and make the most of them.