Norwich Mug

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Clean, curved lines, a signature sturdy base and masterfully scrolled handle lend understated opulence to this handmade glass mug. From delicate white tea to rich hot cocoa – brilliant clear glass adds to the visual appeal of your favorite warm drinks. Use for beverages up to 160°. Pouring boiling water directly into the mug may cause breakage.

  • Handmade by Simon Pearce glassblowers using centuries-old techniques.
  • Dimensions : 5½″ x 5″ x 3⅝″
  • Capacity : 12 ounces
  • Materials : Lead-free glass
  • Made In : USA
  • Do not pour boiling hot water into our glass as it may cause breakage.
  • Do not expose our glass to extreme temperature changes.
  • A shock in temperatures from cold or hot temperatures can cause fractures in the glass.
  • Glass is not recommended for use in microwaves or ovens. Glass is lead-free.