close-up of our crystalline cobalt pottery platterclose-up of our crystalline cobalt pottery platter


Two centuries ago, a mistake in a Parisian pottery studio resulted in a unique celestial patterned, deeply saturated effect that our master ceramicists would later revive and call Crystalline. These artisan-glazed pieces have quickly become a customer favorite and a signature of our brand.

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  1. Crystalline Teardrop Vase — Cobalt
    Crystalline Teardrop Vase — Cobalt
  2. Warren Pottery Lamp Crystalline Cobalt
    Warren Pottery Lamp, Small — Crystalline
  3. Curio Crystalline Vase — Cobalt
    Curio Crystalline Vase — Cobalt
  4. Crystalline Heart Twist Bowl
    Twist Heart Crystalline Bowl, Small
  5. Crystalline Pumpkin, Large - Sunset
    Crystalline Pumpkin — Sunset
    Crystalline Pumpkin — Candent
  7. Curio Crystalline Vase — Jade
    Curio Crystalline Vase — Jade
  8. Crystalline Teardrop Vase — Candent
    Crystalline Teardrop Vase — Candent
  9. Crystalline Rose Teardrop Vase
    Teardrop Crystalline Vase — Rose
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