NoFraud FAQs

What is NoFraud?

In an effort to protect our customers and ourselves from potential fraud, we partner with NoFraud to screen online orders for risk factors. We do this to protect our customers against unauthorized credit card use, and ourselves against unauthorized orders.

Why did I get an email/call/text from NoFraud?

There was something about your transaction that signaled a potential risk. If this was an error, simply confirm with NoFraud and your transaction should be processed as usual. If you do not recognize the charge, please let NoFraud know so we can cancel the transaction.

What does the verification email and sms look like?

No Fraud verification email sample
No Fraud verification sms text message sample

Is there anything else I need to do?

Usually, simply confirming the transaction should do it. In some cases you may be asked by a fraud analyst to provide additional information. Please note, NoFraud will never ask for your full credit card number, social security number or sensitive personal information. They may request an image of your government-issued ID or image of your CC with the first-12 digits blocked out.

How will this affect my order?

As long as you are able to quickly confirm the transaction, it will be released and will process as usual.

What if I didn’t make the transaction?

If the transaction is indeed unauthorized, contact your credit card company to let them know your card may have been compromised so they can put a hold on future purchases. It’s a good idea to review all recent transactions to ensure there are no other fraudulent charges.