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Red Felt Coasters - Set of 4

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Item #8799
Beauty meets utility with bold, durable felt accessories. Graf & Lantz crafts the finest felt using long strands of ultra-fine wool fiber and a traditional Bavarian technique, to create this naturally antimicrobial, moisture-wicking material. These colorful coasters are ideal to protect surfaces. The non-toxic dying process creates a natural barrier against stains.
  • Dimensions : ¼" H x 4" W x 4" L
  • Made In : USA
  • Water will not damage felt. In fact, the material is able to wick away large quantities of moisture.
  • Wine, oil, and food: -Wet the spot well with a mix of warm water and light detergent until saturated -Massage the stain lightly to break up fibers - wait 2-3 minutes -Pat – don’t rub - the area firmly with absorbent paper towel to remove moisture -Repeat 1-3 as necessary till stain visibly lightens -Rinse and repeat until detergent clears -Pat (again, don’t rub!) surface well and lay flat to dry
  • Dry stains: Lint rollers are a best first option for dry stains - a few passes with a good adhesive roller should reduce dry stains significantly and freshen up any felt product.