Crystalline Bowl, Small — Jade

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Hard to control glaze crystals form on this decorative bowl, equally suited to a living room end table as to a kitchen table centerpiece.

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  • For decorative use only — not recommended for food or liquid.
  • Dimensions : 3" H x 9" W x 9" D
  • Capacity : 44 ounces
  • Materials : Stoneware
  • Made In : USA
  • For decorative use only
  • Not recommended for food or liquid
  • Hand wash only using a mild detergent

Beginning as a mistake in an 1800s Parisian factory that led potters to witness crystals forming over the surface of their pots, Crystalline has evolved into a delicate glaze with a centuries-old fascination. In the 1920s, as mass production flourished, a revival of this difficult but rewarding process led potters to form their own studios and venture deeply into the challenging art of Crystalline. The flowing nature of minerals in the process and the fact that only a handful of shapes and forms can support its unique character make Crystalline a symbol of craftsmanship. Realized correctly, celestial patterns merge with deep colors to yield a finish that is truly one-of-a kind.

Inspired by the history and beauty of Crystalline, Simon Pearce potters have developed a palette of signature colors for our decorative vases, platters and bowls. Potters shape each vessel by hand and apply the crystalline glaze pattern one piece at a time. All pieces are handmade in Windsor, Vermont.