Ascutney Carafe & Glass Set


Item 5926

Inspired by the simplicity of Georgian glass, simplicity and balance proportions make this set an elegant addition to any desk, bedside table or guest room. Our classic short tumbler features clean lines, a solid base and a wide rim, and is paired with a custom carafe to keep water on the ready.

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  • Carafe: 8¼" H x 3⅜" W x 3⅜" D, 20 ounces
  • Glass: 3⅛" H x 3⅜" W x 3⅜" D, 8 ounces

  • Materials: Glass
  • Made in: USA
  • Hand-wash with warm water and mild detergent.
  • Not intended for use in microwaves or ovens.
  • Do not expose glass to extreme heat changes, such as filling with hot liquid or placing in the freezer. A shock in temperature can cause fractures.