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Welcome to the Simon Pearce wholesale partner website. We are delighted to provide these additional tools to help you grow your Simon Pearce sales! We have found that the best way to engage your customer is to tell the Simon Pearce story and offer them the best customer service available. To that end, we would like to provide you with the following:

Image Library

We have updated this wonderful tool to include all of our current products in TIFF and JPEG format for easy use.

These images are available for use for advertising or simple printing for a customer.

Be sure to look for new product in the New Designs section first, then the category you think it may belong in. If you are unsuccessful in locating the image you need, please contact us for assistance.


Join us for a very special event at a store near you!

There are no events listed at this time. Please check back soon.

Partner Contact List

You can easily find our entire team contact information here. Please feel free to give any of us a call if you have any questions.

Simon Pearce Wholesale Contacts by State:





Customer Service General Info wholesale@simonpearce.com 877.452.7769
Annmarie Nobile CT, MA, ME, NH, RI VT anobile@simonpearce.com 774.313.6368
David Freiman NJ, NY, PA dpfreiman@aol.com 212.777.1000
Margaret Bradley DC, DE, MD, VA, WV mbradley68@comcast.net 610.583.0767
Rosse and Associates AL, FL, GA, NC, MS, SC, TN rosseshowroom@aol.com 404.386.0148
Cora Blake MT   cblake@simonpearce.com 877.452.7769
Celia Margolis MI, MN, WI celia@tablagroup.com 608.278.1441
Ingrid Nesbit IN, KY, OH ingrid@tablagroup.com 513.289.6287
Rebecca Margolis IL rebecca@tablagroup.com 773.354.5121
Nancy Morgan Northern California spike@morganonline.net 510.541.5529
Vest & Associates/Lisa Clare Southern California, NV, AZ    Vest904@aol.com 213.749.0044
Betsy LaTorre WA, OR, ID betsylatorre@gmail.com 425.985.7354
Eugene Lawrence AR, LA, OK, TX, UT eugene.lawrence@simonpearce.com    256.682.9493
The Fleming Company/Barb Fleming    MO, SD, IA, NE, KS, ND theflemingcompany@gmail.com 913.424.4197
Larry Bacon CO, WY, NM LarryTheRep@gmail.com 720.308.7690

Thank you for your support.

The Simon Pearce Wholesale Team

Call US: 800-774-5277