What Makes a Second?

All Simon Pearce glass and pottery must meet specific quality control standards for size, weight, height and shape. It is then qualified to be sold as a first or second quality item. Second quality items simply meet a slightly more relaxed standard but are equally as durable as first quality items.


Here are some examples of what makes a second:

Bubbles: Our glassblowers take great pride in their ability to produce exceptionally clear glass—an ability few artisans possess. In the glassblowing process, excessive bubbles can occur beyond what is intended in the design of the piece.

As the glassblower is crafting a piece, the molten glass stretches, naturally adding texture in the glass called "cording." A certain amount of texture is acceptable, but occasionally, there is considerable cording beyond what is intended in the design of the piece.

Size Variance: 
Our glassblowers target dimensions set for the design of each specific piece. The handmade nature of our products allows for some tolerance in these dimensions, but occasionally a piece is created significantly outside our acceptable size range.

Pontil and Signature: 
Each piece of Simon Pearce glass carries our trademark "Pontil" on the base of the glass. As the piece of glass transitions to a master glassblower to be finished, the Simon Pearce "signature" is added. Our seconds glass carries the Pontil, but does not carry the signature, a distinction reserved for first-quality glass.

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