Caring for your clock

Glass Care
Our lead-free glass will retain its brilliance for many years and is safe for machine dishwashing; however, we do not guarantee it as microwave safe. Extreme changes in temperature, such as with hot liquids, may cause our glass to crack; glassware with handles is particularly vulnerable.

Setting the Time
The time setting is located behind the bezel at the position of 3 O'clock. (If there is a rubber ring please remove the ring to expose the crown.) To set the time push out the crown and turn it until it reaches the correct time. Push the crown back into its normal position to restart the clock. Replace the rubber ring if your clock has one; making sure that the notch on the ring aligns correctly with the crown.
( Note: your clock nay come with a tiny plastic fork acting as a spacer to keep the crown in position. This fork stops the clock from running, thus conserves battery power. To activate your clock, please remove the fork before performing the time setting procedure as described above.

Changing the Battery
When the clock loses time or stops the battery is due for replacement.
The battery is accessible from the backside of the clock. Insert a screw driver or a blade into the case notch at the side of the back cover to prop open.
The battery is retained in a position by a tiny metal plate. Move the plate sideways to remove the battery. Insert the new battery with the positive pole (+) facing up making sure that iit is retained securely in position with the metal plate. Replace the back cover.

Battery Type
SR626sw, UCC 377, Ray-O-Vac, RW329 or equivalent.