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Simon Pearce

Into the Blue

Into the Blue

Cool hues. Aquatic cues.

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Summer Gifts - Norwich Chiller

Give Graciously

Handpicked gifts for every occasion


The Times Stopped By

And so should you! Summer is a great time to visit us in Vermont.

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Handblown Glassware

We Love Westport

One of our coolest collections


“The human hand creates perfect imperfection”

Simon Pearce
Hostess Gifts

You're So Sweet

Unique ideas to treat your weekend hosts – like glassware that makes desserts even more decadent.

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Handblown Glass Hurricanes

Light the Way

Beacons of light beckon summer guests and create a cozy atmosphere just for you.

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Simon Pearce

Video Screen

A Heritage Craft

Over 40 years ago, Simon opened his first workshop to create
handcrafted glass using old-world techniques.

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