Design Professional Program


Simon Pearce is distinguished for its American-made glass and pottery that embody purity and timeless design combined with durability, functionality, and elegance. Using time honored-techniques, our master-crafted premium products are now available to professionals in the interior design and architectural industries for both residential and commercial contracts. In addition to offering our existing collections, we can also serve as a resource to develop custom pieces to your specifications.

Our Program

Becoming a member of this program allows you to utilize our stores as your design resource for our exclusive products. Need a sample for a client presentation? We would be happy to loan it to you. Designer discounts begin with program entry and increases with the dollar amount of each order purchased.

Our Story

Simon Pearce opened his first glassblowing workshop and retail store in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1971. In 1981 he moved his business to an historic woolen mill on the Ottaquechee River in Quechee, Vermont and harnessed natural energy by converting the power of the river to electricity to fuel the glass furnaces to make lead-free glassware. The heart of our work is found at The Mill, where our award-wining restaurant, glass and pottery workshops, and store have become one of the most popular destinations in Vermont. Our pride comes from our timeless designs and products that can be enjoyed and used every day in a variety of interior styles.

Our Thanks

Thank you for recognizing the value, beauty, and quality of our hand-made products and for supporting and appreciating American-made craft. We believe the results of the skills of our product designers and master artisans will be an asset to your portfolio of client projects. Come visit us at The Mill in Quechee, Vermont to experience Simon Pearce firsthand.

Becoming a member of this program is easy. Visit us at any of our stores, or call 800-774-5277 to learn more about the program’s features and benefits from a customer care specialist or  fill out the online application form.

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